Best Float Ever - "Grab & Go"

Welcome to the Home of the Happy Jack Float!!

We all have experienced that moment where there are a hundred things going on around you, but all you want to do is relax by the beach or the pool. Come to Happy Jack Float!

Happy Jack Float
Happy Jack Float

Get the best pool experience

This unique ready-to- go float comes in with a modern look which is specially designed for enthusiastic Families & All Ages. The Happy Jack Float is a manifestation of simplicity being used to create the perfect pool float for your everyday needs.  A very lightweight product, this float weighs less than one pound. From cup holders to beach towel holder, we have all your bases covered!

Happy Jack Float

Happy Jack Float is found in stores located in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida though you can arrange an order by contacting us directly!

Unique features of the Happy Jack Float

  • Lightweight.

  • Ready to grab & go.

  • Easy to use and store.

  • Non-inflatable.

  • Modern look and design.

  • Lead-free.

  • Made in the United States.


Happy Jack Float is the last pool float you'll ever buy!