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Our Story

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Logan Watts
Our Story - Tragedy to Miracle


We are a family-owned start-up located in Livingston, Louisiana. The idea of the Happy Jackpool float was developed because of a tragedy turned miracle.

What a difference one day makes! It was one Summer day our oldest grandson Logan was on a tree swing at our camp, slipped and fell off, to fast forward he suffered multiple injuries but worst being a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and wasn’t expected to live. After being in a coma for 3 weeks and a summer stay at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, lots of prayers and therapies, Logan has made improvements and is now verbal and mobile again with limitations!

Logan loves the water so while in our pool one day his paw paw Philip had an idea to make an easy to sit on float for him, he grabbed some foam and zip ties and away he went. After seeing Logan on the float and how much he loved it as well as our entire family loved floating on it, we made more and added a smiley face to it because it put a smile on Logan’s face as well as ours which also made it functional.

This is how Happy Jack was born !!

The Watts Family

comfort and convenience


The idea behind creating this product is for you to have a comfortable back support
device that allows you to sit, relax and even have drinks on the pool.

With its unique ability to hold cups and other amenities, it brings convenience to anyone
who wants to have a good time on the pool.

logan watts


This is a quick, easy and non-inflatable flotation device that addresses the everyday issues we have due to lack of back support, cup holders, towel holders in our pool floats. This pool float is made out of the love that an American family has towards their fellow pool lovers.

happy jack float pool

Livingston, LA